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About Friends of the Old West End

Friends of the Old West End ensures a healthy and vibrant community by connecting homeowners, residents, and local businesses, and by supporting their efforts to preserve and elevate the rich history, architecture, character, and diversity in the Old West End National Historic District of Danville, Virginia.

We value:
  • Old houses / historic preservation
  • An eclectic mix of housing and business types and people
  • A strong sense of community
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • The highest possible quality of life
After a series of Steering Committee meetings in late 2016, Friends of the Old West End was founded as a Virginia nonprofit corporation in April 2017.  Federal tax exempt status has been granted, making dues and donations tax deductible.

Friends of the Old West End will achieve its mission through a focus in seven key areas:

  • Historic District Character – a mix of housing and business types
  • Rehabilitation – restore the District’s building stock
  • Appearance – an attractive neighborhood maintains property values and attracts new neighbors
  • New Residents and Businesses – help Realtors and financiers understand the changes in and benefits of the OWE
  • Safety and Security – while already secure, boost the reputation of safety
  • Amenities – beautiful parks and trails, new businesses and services 
  • Communications – well informed neighbors, collaboration with other organizations