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Don’t be a target for crime.


Criminals select their victims.  By the time a robber checks for your door and window locks, you’re already a target. 

Don’t be a target for crimeCrime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED, helps you to avoid becoming that target.  CPTED’s primary goal is discouraging criminal activity around your home and in your neighborhood.  And CPTED often beautifies your property at the same time.


Friends of the Old West End is offering a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design seminar.  We want our homes and our neighborhood to be safer, feel safer, and look better.  We’d also like the same result for the entire City, which is why this seminar is free and open to everyone. 

This introductory CPTED seminar will help participants to anticipate the thought processes of potential offenders and create an environment that discourages follow through.  It will include natural access control methods, the benefits of natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement, and the importance of property maintenance.

When:          Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:        First Presbyterian Church, 927 Main Street

Registration is required from the Event Calendar above or at this link

Tour The District  

Learn little-known facts about Danville Virginia's Old West End Historic District and its' buildings on The Secrets Inside guided walking tour.  An easy two-hour stroll takes you into the heart of the OWE where you'll marvel at the beautiful mansions and churches.  To arrange your tour, call 434-770-1974.